Questions about the Symbols

After hearing the same questions from many friends, family members and people around us, I thought it would be easier for everyone to read about them.  So I have put together the most common questions that I’ve heard about these symbols. The answers provided are a compilation of Giselle’s channelings and explanations.

What is the meaning of the symbols?

From the very beginning it was told to us, through Giselle, that these symbols are not meant to be understood from a mental perspective.  Many people try to attach meanings and words to them but so far, to the best of our awareness, no one has managed to do so.  Unlike other symbols they are not translatable, although many people are able to describe the feelings and experiences they have while meditating on them.  These symbols are like a bridge that allows specific vibrational frequencies to be “downloaded” into our physical world so that everyone can tap into them.

What is the purpose of these symbols?

Their main purpose is to emit higher-frequency energies into the world that will awaken subtler awareness.  Embedded in these new frequencies is the consciousness of Love, Peace, and Unity that will foster human evolution.  The use of symbols to transmit these frequencies enables people to learn in a way that transcends the logical mind and allows the soul to attune to a vibration that is natural to it.  The symbols are transmitters of energy that can produce breakthroughs in awareness for people on the spiritual path.  Their vibrations help to attune our consciousness to the soul’s purpose and this, in turn, brings physical experiences into manifestation that can be understood by the soul.  Though these experiences, which can be described in words and concepts, people will be able to discern the purpose and meaning of the symbols in their lives.

How do I know that these symbols are for my highest benefit?

This involves an act of faith, like the act of faith made by all who believe in the Creator even though we can’t see Him and we can’t understand His ways.  People who are in search of spiritual truth and the evolution of the soul cannot arrive there from a purely mental understanding alone.  We were told by angelic beings that “the absolute truth will come to those with pure heart who seek truth with no other intention.”

It is from the heart that we will receive understanding and the language best understood by the heart and soul is the language of energy. The first time Giselle wrote these symbols, I asked her spiritual angelic guides what they were.  The immediate answer I received was: “A message of Love.”  And Love can't be translated.  Its meaning does not reach us from a mental perspective.  We have to experience spiritual love as a state of consciousness and only then can we try to put words to how it feels, how it affects us, and how it affects others through us.  The common essence of these symbols is divine Love and the purpose behind them is to spread the energy of Love, Unity and Harmony for the evolution of humanity.

Where do these symbols come from?

The symbols are channeled by Giselle.  She is what people call ‘a Crystal kid.’  Her nature and her energies allow her to have a direct connection with heaven or higher dimensions.  Angelic beings, the Archangelic counsel, Jesus Christ and many other entities of higher realms are always present around her.  All of these beings with Jesus have become her guides. The symbols come from these higher vibrational entities in the spiritual realm.  Whenever Giselle is to take a next step, she experiences Jesus taking her by the hand and presenting her to new spiritual beings so she can tune into their energies and be able to channel God’s messages like the symbols.  People have asked whether these spiritual beings have names.  Most have no names that humans can relate to.  According to Giselle “It is because of the fact that on most of the human believes they are all described only as angels although most don't understand nor see the difference between them.  The entities that connect with me to channel the symbols don't have an specific name. They are part of God’s world and are from a very high energy level.  I do see their wings, and I see them as giants (even bigger than the archangels), entities with a very bright white light, and still with this description they look different than the angels, different than the archangels, and different from other light beings.”All of them have worked with her very closely on this journey so she can be of service in the way she is meant to be.

How should I use them?

You can tune into these symbols through meditation, through intention, contemplation or simply by being open to receiving energy from this source.  Even if you consider yourself non-sensitive to energy, it is still beneficial to expose yourself to the symbols simply because higher energy is present in them and you are opening yourself to receive it.  Another way to use them is during sleep.  Our subconscious mind and soul are fully aware while we sleep, and you can receive the energy by placing them next to you.


"Our minds should remain, and the awareness of the soul should rise above our minds to regain consciousness that has been given to us since the creation of the soul. These symbols will help regain that consciousness that once was on earth to be used as a platform for evolution. A platform that has been forgotten by many around the world. That platform that was meant to sustain the globe as one, in unity with God and his purpose for this earth.

My father said once to me “trust my ways and you shall find me” this way is the way of enlightenment, a new form of consciousness that needs to be understood only by the soul.  
A form of use, is to allow these energies to flow within yourself as the air flows through you, air that you don’t see, air that has no language and brings life to those who breath. These energies bring aliveness to those who seek the kingdom of God and evolution" 

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