- I allow the full expression of God's love and divinity so others can have a better understanding of His spirit through my actions and my sayings.

​- I let go of my fears and I allow the Christ consciousness to go within and without me.
May the grace of God be at service through everyone that reads this message, for blessed are those who seek the light of God. May the kingdom of heaven, and the light of the Christ, redeem themselves to the world so all shall lay in Peace and Love, for the kingdom of God in action is the creator of all things. 

​"Come and see the light within thee for Thy presence is in thee. Love in action has come to be, Love in action has a place to be, rise up and let yourself be at the place where you are meant to be. Grace is thee, Grace is Him, for Thy presence is meant to be, and the light within thee is the kingdom’s spree, search for thee and Thy will be free.”

May the Christ with in you prevail against all falls illusions and the love of god conceive a sacred space for you to grow in Him




"What is looked for, wont be found, what is allowed, will be found" ... Giselle

​"Part of what makes life so precious on earth is that it ends" ... Giselle

​"The absolute truth comes to those with pure heart that desires with no other intention" ... Archangels

"This earth is spirit's school, life is spirit's learning process, and life is also the biggest test" ... Giselle

​"There is no right or wrong opinion, there is only your opinion" ... Giselle