Our mission in this life is about spreading God's message. It is also about helping people better understand God’s truth, the truth of our nature, the capabilities that we all have within ourselves through our essence, help people understand the limiting part of our existence, and the consciousness that we belong to and is part of our divinity; how we can create our life from a more conscious way of being.

It is important to learn and give yourself an opportunity to become one with your own true divinity and let the mind (brain) be the observer and the learning tool for our mental understanding. The most profound learnings are the ones that we achieve on a soul level, the ones you only learn by experience and are not coming only from your mind’s understanding. That is called “knowledge.”

When you learn how to ride a bike, there is no manual for learning how to ride it, you simply get on it and you get balance as you go. Once you have balance understood, there is no explanation you can give to others on how to get balance. You can always find someone to support you and guide you but only you can get to understand balance. God and his infinite energy is the same, we need to get on the ride of our spiritual life and experience it, learn it, create it, and heal it. The only way to get into this journey more consciously is by going within and by getting to know and understand yourself better every day. Allowing this to happen through each one of us will allow the essence of God to be manifested in our life, you will get to live your own experience with God and you will achieve a more profound understanding of the unity that we live in.

The beauty of our existence has a bigger purpose than the one our minds can understand. Only by learning to see the world from a non-physical perspective and from our souls, we will comprehend that it is absolutely critical to work in unity with our divine source, the evolution part of our existence resides there. It is all meant to be, it is all been taken care of from the spiritual realm.

The way we see things on the materialistic world has misled many of us on our journeys and has put us in a very limiting position were even though here on earth we might’ve achieved the highest social position, or have achieved wealth, without the learning and understanding from the soul we will take nothing with us when it is time go back home. The interpretations that our minds constantly create about the physical world, the attachments that we so profoundly make with all matter, the love we constantly experience that was created through our minds and five senses has to be transcended to a higher consciousness. We need to learn to see and experience the world from a non-physical perspective to give ourselves an opportunity to see our true reality. Many people around the world are beginning to have profound experiences that are being shared so that we can open up our hearts to know that in reality, we are of a spiritual nature that needs to be here in the “school of the soul”.

A school that was created to simply be, share, learn, love, create, with the understanding of maintaining balance, a balance that will allow others to grow the same way you are growing spiritually.

To conquer your experiences, to remember where we came from and why we should go back to our creator. Find a way to create the path of awareness so that others can become part of that awareness. This is a domino effect that will not be stopped by anyone who is against God’s nature because it is made out of light and made out of a very high vibration; a vibration that can dissipate and anticipate anything that is not of the highest benefit for human kind.

The love of God is so graciously imbedded within you that you will be surprised of all the miracles that can be created around the world if only humans will put their own will on doing good instead of fighting back. The best fight of human kind is the fight of the light, the fight of the pureness of the heart within all the children that are coming into this new era of human existence. It is there where the biggest change of the world resides, not only to prevent a bigger disaster but to create a palace of God’s kingdom, the Christ energy among every situation.

​ Lifting up our prayers and lifting up the name of the Christ and our Creator will be the strongest weapon against low vibrations. There is good on everyone, there is only light on the creation of God. It is up to the will of the body and ego to let that light shine and vibrate on yourself and others. It will bring peace and compassion more than sarcasm and rejection.