About the “Kids of the new era”

These kids are called the “Kids of the New Era”  because these generations are a reflexion of the evolution, they represent on this world the new consciousness that we need to evolve into. All these kids are coming with very special gifts, many are born with highly psychic sensitivities and are very aware of God’s spiritual world; they can see it, hear it, sense it and live in it too.

All of them are here to help us understand God’s consciousness, the oneness, the collective consciousness of our nature, they are here to help raise vibration on earth. They are called the healers of this earth and it is very important that they are listened to and encouraged.

I also need to mention that many of these kids are grownups already; many have been coming to this world for a while now and many of them have closed up their gifts because of lack of support and understanding of their surroundings. This is why it is important to be open and aware of these children.

We are all being helped on waking up to a more conscious society. We were all created the same way, we are all capable of tapping into our own essence and we can all bring out our own gifts to also help these children that are coming much more aware than us. On my understanding, they came with an embedded and broader understanding of God’s consciousness; they KNOW GOD! So by simply being with them they can transform the space. Many remember where they came from and why they are here. That is why they are going to help us remember where we came from, why we are here and where we are going.


Many of this kids are being diagnosed with ADD, ADHD and autism. They normally have many food sensitivities. Their vibration belongs to a higher dimension so they constantly struggle in this 3rd dimension. This vibration that they possess is more pure so it normally requires a special diet so they can stay on that vibration. Most of these kids will struggle on resolving their health issues if their parents aren’t aware of their nature, they need organic non-processed food, they are usually allergic or highly sensitive to gluten and lactose.

Those who are not aware of their nature nor understand their sensitivities sometimes struggle with the system in our society. A system that is not ready for them. They struggle because the system is used to impose and is used to believe mainly on the materialistic world. These kids normally feel that they don't fit in or that people simply don't understand what they see and feel. They see beyond our physical form, they are highly connected with everyone’s energies, and if they are not aware of it, they could have a hard time understanding why they go through emotional imbalances and health issues.

Indigo Children

Indigo children have more of a warrior soul, they are more rebellious and usually have trouble with authority. They have the royalty attitude and most of them feel that they know what to do and how to do things. They are highly independent and usually won’t let others help them on their process even if they make mistakes. It is very important for these kids to give them options when it comes to teaching them. If we try to impose our authority as parents we will have confrontations that will lead them to take a more negative path. They are the ones that normally look for justice and are very impulsively reactive when they see injustice. It is said that their mission is to cleanse this earth from anything that is not working towards the collective consciousness of God and that they are opening the path for the crystal kids so they can restore and bring once again the balance that is needed. They are called indigo because of their aura color. They mainly have a vey bright bold indigo color and the pattern seems to show on every kid that has these distinctions mentioned before.

Crystal Children

Crystal children are softer energies and they are even more sensitives than Indigos. They vibrate more in the Love and they don’t express the warrior energy. They need a more loving environment and usually come into a more loving, functional family. These are very easy to raise kids and they normally don't cry. Their job is to bring harmony, balance and union to the world, so they will constantly bring love where they go.

The food sensitivities of crystals are usually on a higher level than the indigo kids. Their biggest challenge is being around big crowds or around people that are expressing lower vibrations. They are so empathic and compassionate that when they are surrounded by these people they can sense and feel that energy as their own. Because of this, they tend to be more inwardly with their personality when they feel they are exposed to these energies. These kids are also called crystal because of their aura color. Their color is mainly a very bright soft pink, golden and yellow. Like the indigo kids, these patterns seem to show on all the kids that have these distinctions mentioned before.

For parents

I have seen parents ignore or make negative comments about their kids’ experiences or awareness. All of these kids are full of love and need to be heard. Parents need to pay attention, encourage and guide these kids instead of imposing old belief and fears that have brought humans to where we are as society. All of these children are screaming from their soul that we need to go back to nature, to an organic way of life and that we need to pay attention and live life more purposefully.

For these children, it is important to feel that they have all the support and understanding of their sensitivities. I strongly suggest to all the parents of these children to learn to recognize when they are speaking from their soul and be open to learn from them. To pay attention to their moods after they eat certain foods and recognize how these relate to their sensitivities . It is also important to recognize the foods that have a bigger impact on their physical health, to be more aware on how they react when we are trying to impose something on them.

I have found more helpful to give options that contribute to take them to where I (as a mother) would like them to get and giving them the space to figure out how. This way they feel they are in control of what they are doing; it is a more relaxed way to help them capture the learning on their process. So far in my experience I’ve seen that the results are more favorable than when imposing.

These children need to be seen by their parents principally as souls occupying a physical body. Even though they have a tiny body, they are very wise and can always contribute regardless of their age. They are being reborn from God’s consciousness and the freshness of their arrival to this earth makes them prefect to contribute and express the new consciousness to all of us. Their awareness is the one thing that we normally have forgotten; the wisdom they posses goes way ahead of our level of understanding.

The pureness of their soul is the one that needs to be listened to, learned and applied into our lives, and for those parents that fear for them and their safety I invite them to let that go!! We can be cautious on the process but we need to let them be, we need to continue the conversations about God and their awareness so they can grow up without forgetting. By doing this, I believe that it will be easier for this kids to fulfill their purpose in life. Be confident about who they are and it will help them get the balance of all the realities they are living into.


Here I share an interview about some of our experiences. Nancy Seifer, the author of "When the soul awakens" kindly put it together to help continue spreading the word to the world on what these kids are all about so more families out there can help these children fulfill their mission in life.

On the interview, I made reference of meeting Reverend Lowel Smith. He has been a very important roll on this path. He not only helped us validate what Giselle was seeing and saying, but also he became a guide on this journey to understand even better the spiritual realm. He has been a great support on helping me as a mother overcome some fears, and at the same time helped my daughter also understand what she sees and to confront some of her fears to some spiritual experiences. He holds a support group at Unity of Fairfax in Northern Virginia called, “Indigos and sensitives support group”. To find out more about this group and Reverend Lowel Smith you can contact him through his website http://www.reflectionsinlight.org/

To read the interview please click on INTERVIEW.

Indigo and Crystal Kids