"The Project"

Our project, inspired by Giselle’s guidance, is to create a non-profit organization where heart-centered people can come to share their passion and life purpose.  It will be a center for learning, healing and self-exploration with space for different spiritual teachings, meditations, and healing modalities.

It will be a place for conferences, workshops, seminars, retreats, and support groups where everyone can feel safe to share their spirituality experiences. It will also be a place for alternative medicine, a space of healing energies for those in need of regeneration for body and mind.  For the “new age kids,” the center will be a secure place where they can open their hearts, learn from each other, and find ways to fulfill their soul’s purpose.

Giselle and us(her family) are very thankful that you are taking the time to read this. We really hope to touch many hearts to be able to manifest God's will.  

We are looking forward to continue growing with all of you! Bracelet section is work in progress and will be available soon.