Our family

Who we are...

 We are a family of 4 that has changed a lot over the years. When my husband and I got married and decided to have children we never thought the impact that this would have in our life. 
​ We have two kids, Giselle was the first one and 2 1/2 years later Diego was born. They have turned our world around in so many ways! we didn't only have the opportunity to be parents and experience the love for our kids but also got the opportunity of a very deep awakening of our spirituality. We jumped from a very skeptical couple to a very spiritual family. Both of our kids are special kids, Giselle is a Crystal Kid and Diego is an Indigo boy. They have come to this world with many food sensitivities, environmental sensitivities and energy sensitivities. Giselle came more aware of her spirituality than Diego, they both have, on their own particular way, been showing us the path for understanding of the spiritual world. Giselle is a girl that came aware of her true nature, she has a very wise soul when it comes to talk about her truth with God. since she was a baby she was always allowing the spirit world to guide her, she would do and say things that blew my mind and I never understood how she did it. At the age of 7 she became more aware through an energy session about her energetic sensitivities, for the first time
she was openly saying what she was seeing, she began describing auras, angelic beings, colors everywhere, orbs, all was completely open to her sight and to her hearing.  From that day on our lives have been a constant learning, a constant changing of our mental state, our spirituality and our health. It has been a journey that has lead us to be closer as a family in the love of God, we have learned how to let ourselves be guided by God as family and individually.  Through this awareness that Giselle has brought to the front into our family Diego has also decided to put attention to his own sensitivities, he has learned to understand some things he was seeing that he thought at some point it was his imagination and it had no purpose. he as well could see colors, sometimes part of the aura. He has chosen not to work with his sensitivities yet but he fully understands why he has them and the purpose of this. As of me (mom) I know now that it is part of my journey to support my daughter on this project, I also have been given the gift of hearing the spirit world and became an open channel through my daughter’s help.  My husband has become more aware of his own role as a supporting foundation in the expressed path while also recognizing sensitivities that he had been ignoring all his life. Because of all these experiences and the profound results from them on many aspects of our life, we have chosen to spread the word on everything that has been told to us trough our daughter mainly. We have chosen to take this journey on working to manifest this project that has been told to us so we pray and have faith in God that this will happen with the support of all the people around us.

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A little about me!

 Hi, my name is Giselle. I am 10 yrs old and I am looking to reach everyone around the world. For a while now, I have been aware about what my mission in life is, what I came here to do. I came to spread light, to spread God’s message to the world. Help people to become aware of their mission and capabilities in life and the amazing impact they can have on the world. To help others that are working on this mission so that God can reincarnate heaven in earth. God has presented me with the Gift to hear his voice through his angels and Jesus, he has also given me the gift to be able to see them, as real as I can see the physical world. Through these gifts, Jesus has talked to me about this project or movement that I need to start to help raise human consciousness.   God’s Will is my will so I am starting to work and create the space to manifest the project God wants me to do. I am putting all my heart and faith in people out there to help me achieve this mission that would help bring more understanding, peace, love, harmony and unity within all the hearts that are open to receiving God’s message.

“There are different kinds of spiritual gifts but the same spirit, there are different forms of service but the same Lord; there are different workings but the same God who produces all of them in everyone. To each individual the manifestation of the spirit is given for some benefit” 

1 Corinthians 12:4-7